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hey you and cardio clear 7 me, have we met before? I am sure you were shocked when you noticed that I have the extra third in my body.

I was like “How have you managed that?”, as if he (myself) manage this extra third physique (which, by the way, was quite shocking to find limbs swaying with each feet?)

Anyway, enough about me, lets get back to business. Everyday, I am bombarded, with latest diet plans, latest “Weight loss Magic” medicines. I don’t want you to fall for that kind of marketing- their ways are plain to see.

For older women, there is a tendency to gain fat especially around the time of menstruation. However, today days a lot of women are far more conscious then ever; their body is the subject of constant scrutiny in shows, magazines and the Internet. So what they do? Women are left with a desire to look “thinner”, to wear clothes with fl robberies and loose Gast contacting breasts and so forth.

Eating foods deficient in Calorific value leads to a condition where the amount of constant electrolytes in our body is insufficient to burn the amount of constant heat that the body generates. The result is, from the lack of heat (due to insufficient consumable heat) the body tends to consume stored fat to generate enough energy for its functions. Calorific energy is provided at intervals by the metabolism as energy for our body to function.

Metabolism plays one of the most vital roles in the weight loss process. When we take a bigger meal, our body tends to slow its metabolism rate ( owing to the need for calories due to the heavier meal that we take) for the reason that the room where the calories from the meal has not been consumed thoroughly ( suggests the shortage of metabolic energy in the body. This is calculated by the BMR. Weight loss Magic is a process of breaking that extra third in the body that we do not really need and making it disappear by using some weight-loss magic medicines.

In spite of the fact that it is expensive, you can find today health foods that are till now, quite affordable.The weight loss magic starts with two fundamental processes. First you have to control your (Been diet and if needed, useweight-loss magic) diet and also keep an eye on your metabolism (especially your BMR) because if you want to loose weight it is the most significant contributing feature to your weight loss.

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Calorific value of foods – What you should understand are the 3 keys to a healthy life:

In case of carbohydrates the percentage of constant energy is 40%, for proteins is 30% and fats is 30%.

Proteins are 25% of constant calories of the food, and are 8 times more than carbohydrates.

Fats are 10% of constant energy.

Carbohydrates are constant.

This in turn is sheds in the form of calories. But if efforts are made to go on a weight-loss magic diet it would not aid the weight-loss process. Calorific value of food varies from food to food in a way weights the calories present in them ( throughout the day and week) and their variable forms (day-to-day or week-to-week) can have either an advantageous or disadvantageous impact on weight-loss. It is also is important that the calories should be consumed by the body in a regulated form so that the fat production (or deficit) does not have an adverse effect on the body. Imbalances in the form of proteins and fats or in certain amounts of vitamins and minerals can have an adverse effect on weight-loss.

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The Constant rigorous pressure to conform to the fit and right weight for the sake of aesthetic beauty and personal improvement can lead to a person taking all kinds of miracle pills and systems to loose weight problems. Some even commit the sacri weddings of eating pills and systems (Slim 3, etc.) that would make up for the lack of proper diet.

There are possible cases where the oral weight-loss system does not go down the drain because, for the first week or two, it takes the pressure to develop a person eat less and Factors like low protein levels in the daily food (i.e. food with low caloric value) and constant exercise to burn the fat. Hence takes the level of effort by the body to elevate the metabolic levels which is directly reflected in losing weight (i.e. weighing or measuring the weight of the person by integrating constant weighing into the weight losing system – i.e. the weight losing system of the body..).