Don's New Book...

Here is a very special offer were you towish to continue your introduction to the myriad works of Don Kracke: THE MANY FACES AND FACETS of DON KRACKE.

A 208 page, full color, oversized, hard cover retrospective book celebrating Don's lifetime of creating art has just been published. Featuring 224 images, this beautifully designed (by Don), 9½" x 13" book will retail in galleries for $60 a copy.

Your price...ABSOLUTELY FREE with the purchase of any art from THE JACKSON. The first 1,000 folks ordering Don's art will also get their book signed by the author. Make your pick and order today.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter called LEFT OEUVRES that pretty much captures the tone of this entire book: There comes a time in every art book when nothing that’s left fits into any neat, little box. We’re now at that point.

Fortunately, Don’s friend, Mark Mugrage, came up with the perfect heading for this particular section of miscellany.

What LEFT OEUVRES summarizes is Kracke’s total disinterest in developing any of the techniques he has mastered into a meaningful statement.

There is a group of Don’s friends out there that honestly believes had he sustained a single direction for a period of a hundred or so paintings, he would have becomea significantly more important name in the art world.

Unfortunately, we may never know.

On the other hand, what we may be witnessing is the formation of a new direction in art, one in which the emphasis is on versatility, not consistency. In that case, Kracke may have created an entirely new oeuvre.

This section also serves as the perfect home for Don’s ample collection of stellar quotes that he has created over the years. Jewels like “I’ve been crapped on so often I ended up with a fertile mind” run rampant here.