About The Artist: 

Don Kracke has achieved great success as an artist, author and inventor. His paintings, drawings, sculpture, stabiles, serigraphs, books and new product ideas have generated revenue exceeding a billion dollars at retail over the past Thirty years.

A child prodigy, Kracke started his formal fine arts training at The Chicago Art Institute when he was eight. He continued his studies at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. His first piece of art was purchased in 1944, just before his family moved from Illinois to California.

Kracke was an honor art student at Whittier Union High School, where his cartooning for the newspaper won him several national awards.

Don received his BA degree in Art with a minor in English from UCLA in 1954. While there, he was one of the 11 founding members of the prestigious and acclaimed Project India Group. After graduation, he spent two years as a USAF officer writing and directing training films.

Kracke's diverse and successful 62 years of selling his art have revolved around his exceptional design skills that have earned him 217 national awards for creative and design excellence. Sears, Target, Coca Cola, General Mills, Mattel, Campbell Soups, Wal-Mart Stores and Rubbermaid are among the clients who have retained him as a design and creative consultant.

Don is the author of the Doubleday best-seller, HOW TO TURN YOUR IDEA INTO A MILLION DOLLARS. He has also had five other books published and co-written two nation-ally syndicated comic strips. With Rodger Johnson, he designed the titles for the movie Star Trek II.

Kracke has appeared on Nightline, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The CBS Evening News, and thirty-one other television and talk-radio shows as an author and expert in new product design. When Regis asked if he were a millionaire, Don replied with a wry smile, "I wrote about how to make a million, not how to keep it."

Because of his successes and excellent presentation skills, Don is in demand as a speaker at universities and business meetings worldwide.