Why would I want Andrew Mann Studio build my site?
  • What it all comes down to is that you want a site that speaks for you to your audience. When you visit a site do flying logos and other visual tricks affect your buying decision? Or do you want an experience that allows you to find what you want and do your business in an easy to understand and navigate format.

    I build sites that are attractive, load quickly and are easy on your visitor. Having a site that is more intense that the product or service you offer tends to muddle the message. I build your website to emphasize you and your product and make any transactions as quick and easy as possible.

    On the technical side I use nothing but software that is backed by major companies such as Microsoft and Adobe. They create quality and secure products that are backed by their major resources and reputation. I add extra layers of security of my own design with my knowledge of how hackers try to get around the inherent security of the sites.

    Fast, stable, cross-browser comparable, easy to visit and maintain. This includes a set of secure Management Tools for you to create and edit any content that is required including product, client accounts, inventory and anything else that is important to your business.

    Some of my sites have been up more than 10 years and still run great.

What is ColdFusion and why run my site with it?
  • ColdFusion is a commercial, enterprise level, application server product from Adobe. ColdFusion is designed to be a high availability, rapid application development platform for web applications and has been in use since 1995.

    ColdFusion is used by nearly all major branches and agencies of the U.S. federal government including The U.S. Senate and Social Security. The State of New York, 75 of the Fortune 100 companies including Boeing, Bank of America, AT&T Wireless and Pepsi Cola.

    This means that your web site will be running on a proven, secure and very powerful commercial platform which can be easily scaled as your visitor numbers increase.

    Used in conjunction with Microsoft's msSQL Server database and my excellent coding skills you will have a very fast, stable, secure and easy to manage website.

What about Wordpress and other template based sites?
  • There are two main issues that are involved and I will get to the ugliest one first.

    Template or "kit" based sites are created with a template for overall look and then a bunch of apps usually in JavaScript and have names like "coolscroll.js".

    These apps can be created by anyone and either through a lack of knowledge or evil intent can open your site to all kinds of security issues much as a default file in Wordpress is opening WP sites not only to attack but turning their site into an attacker - sort of Star Wars.

    The person creating your site quite probably has little knowledge of the issues and just knows some cool ways to put the apps together with no thought to the possible results of their endevor.

    Some of the apps have a direct link back to the app creator so they know the sites using their app and can do whatever they want including using the app to create files to mine your data.

    The other issue is style. Like fashion a really cool look will probably look dated not far down the road. Do you want a site that constantly needs to be updated or a traditional look that stands the test of time. Never flashy but aimed at your audience in a way that speaks to them now and years from now.

    I create sites that have stood the test of time for over 10 or more years. They still look and run great and I have not had to touch them except to add features.

I have a particular style in mind. Can you match it?
  • I can pretty much duplicate any style you have in mind though I do shy away from flying logos and any other functions that are more of a distraction than an aid to you doing business.

How do I add and edit data such as product, clients, inventory?
  • Depending on the features we build into or add to your site any data on your site can be created, edited and tracked with simple to use Management Tools designed for each individual function you have.

What kind of shopping cart can the site have?
  • A full custom built internal shopping cart can be part of your site. I use Direct Post and PCI compliance (see next answer) to payment authorizing services so the whole procedure stays within your site.
    The Management Tools can be written so images, descriptions, pricing, etc. are easy to add for each item. Sales pricing can be added to individual items or whole groupings.

What is PCI compliant?
  • The major credit card issuers created PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards to protect personal information and ensure security when transactions are processed using a payment card.

    All members of the payment card industry (financial institutions, credit card companies and merchants) must comply with these standards if they want to accept credit cards.

    Failure to meet compliance standards can result in fines from credit card companies and banks and even the loss of the ability to process credit cards.

    We build your site to meet these standards and more.

What about SEO?
  • SEO is the magic word right now and site ranking depends on a lot of factors including how competitive the market is for your product or service, where you are located and whether you want to purchase services like Google Ad Words, etc. I can implement those services for you so that you get the most bang for the buck.

    I optimize the Meta tags and content to help your site get high rankings and also add some special code I wrote so you can raise your rankings on multiple keywords and keyword sets.

Site Management Tools
  • I create a set of Management Tools specifically to your business requirements. All are simple forms that allow you to create, edit and track what is important to your business.

    Access to these tools is via a separate url and password protected. Access to different functions can be assigned to different users.

  • Rather than depend on a separate application - often offsite - with it's own security and compatibility issues, I write the Smartphone interface as part of your website.

    By using the Smartphone's browser feedback your site will format and size to fit and function in the Smartphone's window.

    Also as the Smartphone interface will use your website's data and graphics it will always be up to date and visitor interactions will post directly to your site.

Do I own my site, domain name, datasource and features?
  • The data is in your own Microsoft msSQL database and a copy can easily be created at your request by the hosting service at any time. The art, code and features belong 100% to you for use on that domain upon receipt of final payment.

    Note that generally you can move the site and database to any ColdFusion hosting service and your site will function the same.

How is my site hosted?
  • I have been using a hosting company since the late 1990's that is reliable, up-to-date, has excellent tech support 24/7 and works with my clients and me to make sure their site runs without issues. I highly recommend them but your site can be hosted at any Coldfusion hosting company you would prefer.

Can I have multiple domain names pointed at my site?
  • You can have multiple domains and in fact multiple sites sharing the hosted site each running totally independent of each other though sharing the database can make the site easier to manage.

Does the site come with multiple mailboxes?
  • Depending on the hosting plan you select you can have from 10 to 100's of individual mailboxes.

    They can be to any of your domain names and passwords can be set by the user but ultimately are in control of the administrator. You.

How long will it take to build my site?
  • Depending on features it can take from several weeks to several months to create your site. If you like we can get the site up and running fairly quickly and add the features as I complete them with no downtime.

What is involved in adding new features to my site?
  • In most cases adding new features just requires new code and maybe some new tables as required by the feature with little or no changes to existing code.

How much will my site cost?
  • I will be glad to give you a fixed quote depending on the features you want on your site such as full ecom with online cart, product creation and editing tools, inventory, client accounts, analytics and any other tools you need for your business.

Is the site guarenteed to work?
  • All of my sites are guaranteed to function as agreed for 90 days from final payment. Any coding errors that are discovered after that period I will usually fix for no charge.

How do we get started on my website?
  • Getting started is as simple as deciding the look and feel of your site, what you want to say to you visitors and what features and data you require.

    Setting up the domain name, site hosting, mailboxes, etc. will be accomplished within several days.