Why would I want Andrew Mann Studio be my photographer?
  • I have been a commercial photographer since 1976 and have worked for clients as divers as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Bank of America, Lloyds, A&M Records, Casablanca Studios, industrial manufacturing, retail, artists, corporate, performance, music and etc.

    With former studios I have owned in Los Angeles and Atlanta I have delivered product, people, editorial and photo-illustration work that fit well into my clients vision and expectations.

    I am very concept oriented and work with you and your team to deliver a product that says what you want to say to the highest commercial standards and on time.

What types of photography do you do?
  • From record covers to movie posters, product, people, pr, performance, bands, industrial location, corporate I have successfully worked in almost all fields of photography.

I have a particular style in mind. Can you match it?
  • Every photographer has their own way of seeing things but I will pursue what you are looking for as seen through your eyes.

What formats do you work with?
  • I have owned and worked with Nikon 35mm film, 2ΒΌ with Hasselblad and Mamiya and 4X5 with Toyo and Sinar cameras.
    I now usually use Nikon and Canon digital cameras with some special adaptations for contrast control, color balance, and low light situations.

What types of lightng have you worked with?
  • I have owned and worked with tungsten studio lighting, Norman commercial strobes, on camera flash (adapted for color and manual exposure control) and almost any type of location ambiant light.

    On location I adjust and work with the ambient light so my photographs look natural as the eye sees the situation without dark shadows or blown-out highlights.

Do you have access to a studio, make-up and other creative suppliers?
  • Depending on budget I can place us anywhere from auditoriums, night clubs, office buildings and anywhere else the project calls for.

    I know and have access to make-up artists, photo-stylists, costume and prop makes. The best labs for digital and film and any other after session services your project may require.

What kind of files can I get?
  • For websites I deliver optimized jpg, png and gif files. For print I can deliver psd, tiff, jpg and pdf files in CYMK or RGB at the resolution that your project calls for.

Do I own my photographs?
  • As with all commercial art the ownership and usage can be discussed preceding the shoot. Normally clients buy rights for a particular project: web, print, advertising but a buyout is always an option.

Will you travel for an assignment?
  • Yes. Of course safety considerations must be considered. I would probably avoid a war zone or some such situation.

How do we get started?
  • Communication. Let me know what you need and the budget allotted.

    We need to discuss what you are looking for - comps and/or examples are good - in as much detail as possible so that my work matches your vision of our final product.