Why would I want Andrew Mann Studio build my site?
  • If you are looking for a custom designed and implemented site designed to appeal to your market. If you do not want the template based look that seems to be everywhere but instead you want a website that looks, performs and feels how you want to speak to your audience then AMS will create that for you.

    Your site will not use boilerplate templates, widgets, apps or plug-ins that can cause cross browser (and security) issues. It will be a hand coded and optimized marketing tool with cross browser compatibility with no need for visitor add ons.

    Creating a website that pleases you and your audience and that is easy to maintain and update. What it's all about.

I have a particular style in mind. Can you match it?
  • I can pretty much duplicate any style you have in mind though I do shy away from flying logos and any other functions that are more of a distraction than an aid to you doing business.

How do you create artwork for a project?
  • Just about any way necessary. I create most of my art in Photoshop and several vector based programs and take photographs where called for.

Do you create the art for the websites you build?
  • Yes I do in most cases. If the site leans to a style that I am not fully familiar with I will call in an expert in that field as I did with Celestial Kennels.

    The artist I hire sends over a psd of their design and I use it to construct the layout.

    If you have a definite look in mind I can work from a file to create the look exactly as you want it.

Do I get choices from several workups?
  • Depending on what is called for I usually do several mockups and then work from there to refine the art to suit client prerogatives.

What kind files do I receive?
  • Depending on the purpose of the art. I use jpg, dif and png files for the web. For print I can deliver any of the file formats required by the printer including psd, jpg, tiff and pdf.

How much will my art cost?
  • Again, depending on the amount of work and usage. I try to work within client budgets as much as possible.

How do we get started?
  • Getting started is as simple as deciding the look and feel of your project. What you want to say to you audience.

    The most important factor is that we reach a meeting of the minds so I can create exactly what you want.

    We can meet and discuss your project in person if local or "meet" by phone and/or the internet if not.