A logo is not just another pretty face. A logo is your business identity and needs to be approached in that way.

Who is your market. Are they conservative, upper class, rock & roll, ?, or a combination of attitudes.

Creating a logo that speaks to your market is what I will do for you and your company. Simple to identify and remember yet speaking to what you do. Edgy, but only as far as your audience wants to go. An icon that represents you.

I have over 30 years of commercial art experience including owning my own design studio, time as a creative director for an ad agency and owning 2 commercial photography studios (Hollywood, CA & Atlanta, GA).

I have had clients in markets including advertising, industrial, retail, b2b, statistical analysis, art and artists and much more. I make it a point of learning who they are appealing to and create the art, the marketing style and, if requested, the website to appeal the that market.

Superb quality graphics and graphic design for advertising, industrial, retail, fashion, editorial, band, concert, performance, events, etc.