I have been in the commercial Arts for over 30 years. I have owned my own commercial photography studios photographing for clients such as CocaCola, Delta Airlines, Lloyds Bank, Amtrak, May Company and many more. I was the Creative Director for Dick Hess and Associates, Project Manager For Chyron and have run my own design studio concurrent with my photography and web development enterprises.

I build websites for new and existing small to medium sized businesses as I have been doing for over 15 years. Your site will be custom designed to highlight your products, services and company to tell your visitors why they should do business with you in a clean, informative and intuitive approach that appeals to your market.

I build your website with proven, powerful, secure and long existing platforms including Adobe Coldfusion and Microsoft's msSQL. I use no templates. I design for you. I use no apps or plug-ins that can disappear next week and/or open potential security breaches.

I create powerful and easy to use secure backend management tools that allow you to instantly and easily create and update product and/or service information with simple to use forms that open with your browser. Almost any function of your site can be accessed this way depending on your business requirements.

If you want an attractive site that makes it a pleasure for your visitors to find what they are looking for be it product, service or information, make purchases, sign up, contact you or ? I can create that for you for a realistic price and in a timely manner.