Photography is Latin for "painting with light" and like a painting a photograph should attract the viewers interest and tell them a story.

I have been a commercial photographer for over 30 years and my work always has been interpreting and capturing the sense and feel of what my client has to say about their product in a way that speaks to their client base.

Be it a product, person, performance, movie or an editorial opinion, I approach each project as how best to capture the viewers attention and convey what the client wants to say.

I have done work for Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Delta Airlines, A&M Records, Lloyds Bank, TBS, Macy's, Casablanca Records, Empire Pictures, Amtrak, and many retail, service, industrial and manufacturing companies direct or through their Advertising Agencies.

The photographs in this my online portfolio will give you a feel of how I approach my work and what I cn do for you to better tell your message.